The Smart Dash is a passionate team dedicated to providing a latest technology
— We feel everyone should benefit from the latest in-car technology, not just new car owners.

Introducing The Smart Dash

The Smart Dash is a voice activated solution that allows you to use your smart phone in a much safer manner when driving. It enables drivers to keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, while giving drivers the latest in-car tech in any vehicle.

The Smart Dash comprises an App which can be installed on any iOS or Android tablet (with Bluetooth 4) and an intelligent interface. The App and interface connects the tablet, your smart phone and vehicle’s on-board computer, giving you voice activated command control, hands free calling, voice texting, voice activated navigation, media player, an optional rear facing camera and much more.

It works with both Android and Apple smart phones.


We’ve designed The Smart Dash to limit the physical interaction with the touch screen by making all the commands voice activated. Simply tell The Smart Dash what you need while you continue to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Voice Activated

Keep your eyes on the road

Hands Free calling

No need to touch your phone

Voice Texting

No need to look down at your phone


Google maps and turn by turn

Media Player

Stored on smart phone or tablet

Engine Health Monitoring

Available on car since 1996

Smart Voice Texts

Send and receive voice messages

Smart Dash LIVE Services

While factory system may give you hands free and navigation, our Smart Dash LIVE services offers you so much more. It has been created to bring you an unveiled interactive experience to your vehicle. The Smart Dash LIVE will keep you safer, it will entertain you, it will make your life simpler and give you peace of mind.
And we have LOTS of NEW IDEAS TO COME!

Voice Messages

Send and receive Smart Voice Message (SVM) with other Smart Dash users

Weather & Traffic

Real time traffic and weather reports


Receive and review driver behavior logs and real time vehicle tracking

News & Sports

Personalize the news and sports feeds to what YOU WANT


Find out fun and interesting places as shared from other Smart Dash users


View your friends’ tags, tag your favorite fishing spot or restaurant

Accident Alert

If an accident happens The Smart Dash can alert the emergency services of your location

Did you know that in the time it took you to read this sentence, over 660,000 people were using their phones while driving?

Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55mph, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field blindfolded.

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The Intelligent Interface

Our intelligent interface is the heart of The Smart Dash and works as the hub that connects your smart phone, a touch screen tablet, your vehicle’s on-board computer and stereo. Since the interface is portable it can be used in any vehicles, motorcycles, RV, off-road vehicles or even boats.


ARM processor and 8Gb memory


Enhance GPS receiver location accuracy


Latest Bluetooth for multiple high speed connection

Gyroscope & Accelerometer

Precision direction, tilt, roll and yaw sensors


High speed wireless connection


Built-in high quality speaker and noise cancelling microphone


USB connection and device charger


Built-in battery for dual sports use


The Smart Dash has been designed to be portable

The Smart Dash has been designed to be portable. It can be used in cars, vans, trucks, semi’s, RV’s, off-road vehicles and even on motorcycles.

Everybody can use The Smart Dash, young drivers, parents, professionals, commercial drivers and everybody in between.

Take your Smart Dash on vacation or traveling on business and use in your rent-a-car.


T-Mobile Partner

You can use your own Android tablet or purchase one of our kits, including a tablet.

T-Mobile partnered with us to offer an exciting range of tablets and data plans. These plans have great benefits, including FREE music streaming, NO data caps and NO data overage charges. Meaning if you reach the limit of your data plan, your data speed will simple slow down, instead of being charged for another month’s data.


The new company with a new vision

We totally understand that people today can’t put their smart phones down even when driving, so we set out to design and develop a voice activated solution that would still allow drivers to use their smart phone… but in a much safer manner.

We’re a mix of electronic, mechanical and software engineers with years of experience as business owners, consultants and parents. Our philosophy is simple: Identify a problem… then create the solution!


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